Frangipane with Lemon Zest and Rhubarb

Updated: May 31, 2020

Frangipane tart is an amazing dessert, you can make it with different seasonal fruit and jams. Add some spices, zest or just keep it plain. The only rule is that you need to be able to eat dairy and almonds, because there is a lot of it in this recipe!


Recipe is for a 23 cm round cake (10 slices).

Ingredients :


300 g plain flour

200 g butter (cold, sliced/cubed)

100 g icing sugar

1 tsp vanilla extract

1/4 tsp fine sea salt


150 g unsalted butter (room temperature)

100 g demerara sugar

3 medium eggs (room temperature)

165 g ground almonds

35 g plain flour

1 tsp vanilla extract

zest from 1 lemon


6 tbsp fruit jam (I've used homemade rhubarb and berry jam)

150 g fresh rhubarb (you can add up to 200-250 g, but it shouldn't be too crowded as it has a lot of moisture)

some icing sugar to dust on top


Line a 23 cm springform tin/loose base flan tin with parchment paper (only on the bottom). Preheat the oven while doing step 4 to 170'C (fan).

Method :

  1. To make the sweet pastry, place the plain flour, icing sugar, salt, sliced butter and vanilla extract in a mixing bowl. Mix it with a hand mixer/stand mixer with a paddle attachment on medium speed for few minutes, until it creates small crumbles, but looks quite loose and dry. Add the egg and mix it until the pastry comes together.

  2. Place it all on the kitchen counter and form into a flat disc. Wrap it in a cling film and put in the freezer for 2-3 h until it fully hardens.

  3. When it's properly chilled, take it out the freezer and allow 10 minutes to just slightly warm up and soften, but you still want to work with a cold pastry. Then, roll it out to 3-5 mm thickness and place in the lined tin. Make sure you don't pull the pastry as you make it fill the "corners" of the tin (where base and sides meet). Trim the excess pastry with a small knife, we want the sides of the tart to be about 3-4 cm tall. If you are using the flan tin, you can decorate the rim nicely, as it's shorter than the round tin.

  4. When your base is ready, prick it with a fork all over it's surface and place it in the freezer for another 15-30 minutes. During that time, preheat the oven to 170'C (fan).

  5. Bake the base in 170'C (fan) for 15 minutes on the middle shelf, turn it around halfway the baking time for even browning. You can bake it without any ceramic baking beans or regular beans, but keep an eye on the pastry, as you will need to prick it with a fork when the pastry decides to inflate/rise during the bake. When it's evenly golden, take it out and allow to cool down for at least 10-15 minutes. Keep the oven on.

  6. During that time you can prepare the almond cream aka frangipane. Place the soft butter, demerara sugar and vanilla extract in a mixing bowl. Mix it with a hand mixer/stand mixer with a paddle attachment on medium speed until it gets more fluffy and pale in colour. Then, start adding the eggs one by one - incorporate each one fully into the mix before you add another egg. Finally, add the ground almonds, flour and lemon zest. Beat everything on medium speed for 3-5 minutes to make it even more fluffy.

  7. Take the cooled down base and spread the jam on the whole surface evenly. Place the frangipane mix on the base with a spoon and spread it evenly, try to cover all of the jam and tart edges with it. Wash the rhubarb and cut it in 2-3 cm pieces. Place the pieces of the rhubarb on the top of the tart, push it down only slightly, so it doesn't get covered with the frangipane while it bakes.

  8. Bake it in the oven in 170'C (fan) for 35-40 minutes, until it's nicely browned on the top. Allow it to cool down fully before slicing, as it needs to fully set. Dust some icing sugar on the top before serving.


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